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Rene Caisse’s Natural Cancer Cure – Essiac Tea

Sunflower (closely)Rene Caisse, a nurse from Bracebridge, Ontario, ran a cancer clinic from 1934 until 1942. She treated hundreds of people with Stage 3 and 4 cancers, using a tea and a single injection.

The herbal preparation was composed of four herbs; sheep sorrel leaf and root, turkey rhubarb root, greater burdock and slippery elm. She subsisted on donations at her clinic and was only allowed to only treat people who had exhausted traditional cancer treatments. Rene named her tea “Essiac”, which was her last name, spelled backwards. You can read more about the tea and its benefits by ordering The Essiac Report.

Essiac Formula Cures Cancer: Deemed Unorthodox

Rene’s clinic brought people from all over the world. Doctors came to study her work and to follow their patient’s progress. Many doctors were skeptical; one doctor who came from California intended to stay for a day. She stayed to observe for a month! When she left Rene’s clinic, she was convinced that Rene had a cure for cancer.

Rene desperately wanted to treat people before they were diagnosed as terminal. In 1938, Frank Kelly, a member of the legislature, introduced a bill to allow Rene to be officially authorized to “practice medicine in Ontario in the treatment of cancer in all forms. Later that year, the “Kirby Bill” was introduced. This bill was created to investigate “unorthodox” cancer treatments. The Royal Cancer Commission was formed; six eminent physicians were sent to the clinic to investigate and interview patients. The doctors were given wonderful reports from the Rene’s patients. Sadly, the interviews were only a ruse.

Public hearings by the Royal Cancer Commission began in 1939. Rene testified. Four hundred patients came to support her and demanded to testify. Only 49 were allowed to speak. The Commissioners demanded that Rene disclose the Essiac formula. However, they would not assure Rene that it would be made available to everyone. Fearing the Commission would bury the information, Rene refused to submit the formula and the clinic was closed in 1942. If Rene continued to practice medicine without a license, she would be jailed.

Here are some facts:

  • Dr. Banting, the co-discoverer of insulin, found that Essiac tea had stimulated the pancreas to produce insulin in a woman who had type I diabetes. The woman no longer needed insulin. He wanted Rene to work with him at the Banting Institute to do research on the effects of Essiac on type 1 diabetes. Rene chose to stay at her clinic and continue her work there.
  • Rene’s mother at 72 contracted incurable liver cancer. She was given only days to live. Rene gave her mother Essiac and her mother lived to be 90.
  • Dr. Charles Brusch, John F. Kennedy’s personal physician, and one of the most respected physicians in the United States, invited Rene to work with him at the Brusch Clinic in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1959. After a year, they were unable to obtain the necessary lab animals for their experiments. Rene returned to Canada.
  • In 1990, Dr. Brusch cured his own cancer of the lower bowel, using Essiac alone.
  • After a grueling 15-year long battle, the Texas Medical Board has officially ended its crusade to revoke Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s medical license in an effort to end his use of Antineoplastons, as well as his combination gene-targeted therapy for cancer.
  • Jason Vale turned to alternative healing when he came down with cancer for the third time — and successfully cured his cancer by prayer and eating apricot seeds. The seeds of these fruits contain Vitamin B17, which has been found to have an amazing success in the healing of all types of cancers, as well as in preventing cancer. The FDA entered his home, seized his apricot seeds, computers, and took him to criminal court. In 2004, Jason was sentenced to five years in prison.

[Photo by: ToOb, via CC License]


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